Benefits of the HCG Diet

If you have tried the various diets and weight loss programs, and are dissatisfied with the outcomes, then an HCG diet may be the right option for you. The HCG weight loss diet has its advantages in areas where other weight loss diets and programs appear to be seriously lacking. It attacks the causes of obesity such as low metabolism, intense physiological hunger and binge or emotional eating.

These abnormalities have usually been linked to a small region in the brain known as the hypothalamus. Other diet programs simply deal with the symptoms of such abnormalities by cutting the intake of food, thus they become far less effective in the long run. The fat that is lost after intense exercise regimes and numerous months of strict dieting returns almost as soon as one goes back to a normal diet.

However, HCG diets can help bring these abnormalities, such as low metabolism, which are the fundamental causes of obesity within normal parameters. This is only possible due to the fact that HCG enables a sort of restructuring of the hypothalamus and so addresses the essentials of the weight problem. Thus the real benefits of the HCG protocol lie in modifying the dieter’s relationship with food and eating, resulting in easily maintained, long-term weight loss.

HCG Diet Decreases Fat and Waist Size

When we put on weight, our bodies usually add on the extra pounds in certain “problem” areas. These include the hips, arms and below the chin. The easier it is to put on weight in these areas, the harder it is to lose weight from them. Anyone who has tried dieting and weight loss programs will know how true this is. On the other hand, because HCG diets have a cause based rather than a symptom based approach, they are highly effective in releasing “problem area” fat. Your body structure will appear almost reshaped when you look in the mirror.

It is known to decrease waist sizes drastically leading to flat stomachs and a feeling that the old clothes are now highly oversized! Most people who have tried HCG diets say that after a few days they feel as though they have had liposuction done. Another plus point of HCG weight loss diets is the efficacy of these diets within short periods of time. The impact is visible on the first day itself, and the positive effects HCG diets will have on your body, and your life, will be immediate and apparent.

The stored fat is often called stubborn fat. This is how the HCG diet is different from the other types of diet. In the case of the other types of diet the dieter has to depend on the intake of some fatty substances to supply his or her body with fat. In such a case any diet for that matter would not work well.

West Los Angeles HCG Diet Benefits

The HCG Diet is safe, effective and easy to follow and offers additional health benefits when followed properly.

Additional HCG Diet Benefits
  • The HCG Diet Works Quickly: The weight loss results are almost instant. It is so gratifying to step on the scale and see your weight decline daily!
  • It is Healthy: There is no pre-packaged foods, full of chemicals and preservatives. This diet recommends whole, organic foods.
  • It is Easy: The recipes are fast and easy to make, and taste good.
  • You Won’t be Hungry: The HCG suppresses your appetite, so that you are physically comfortable during your weight loss.
  • You Won’t be Tired: The HCG helps your body burn so much fat, that your metabolism doesn’t slow down, so you have plenty of energy to keep functioning in your busy life!
  • No Intensive Exercise: It doesn’t require intensive exercise – exercise is important for our overall health, but it is a hard way to lose weight.
  • It is safe: HCG is a natural, bioidentical hormone, not a dangerous weight-loss drug. Appetite suppressant pills have been found to have serious health consequences and are dangerous.
  • No Rebound Weight Gain: Most patients keep the weight off after the diet is over.
  • It is Effective for Almost Everyone: If the patient follows the recommendations, they are almost certain to lose weight. No diet has such a high success rate.
  • HCG helps you lose fat: HCG helps you lose fat where you need it most – for example the hips, thighs, and abdomen. Your face won’t look emaciated after this diet.
  • Enhances Optimal Health: The weight loss you will experience on the HCG diet is a huge factor for enhancing optimal health – decreasing your risk for many long-term health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
  • It Changes your Lifestyle: After you get used to eating in a healthy way on the HCG diet, you are more likely to maintain it after the diet is over.

Dr. Jospeh Sciabbarrisi offers customized HCG Diet Programs at his West Los Angeles, California location for each patient to help reach their weight loss goals.

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